sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014

On my own.

Push it up a little more, gotta get it open. 
You would never listen when I need someone to talk to. So you switch the subject, 'cause it's beyond you and when you talk about your dreams, I'm never included. I need to stop sleeping on myself, wake up and do it on my own. I'll find a way and I'll do it on my own. Hey, I can do anything and I'll do it on my own.
I will get it done with the help from no one. Came into this world by myself so I don't need nobody else. We have just begun. So much to do, so young. Don't be afraid of alone. You'll get it done on your own. 
I'm so confused with all the traffic. I'mma skip the line. Who cares what happens? I gotta stay on that course, I gotta get it open.

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